February 17, 2016

Recent stock market roller coaster activity has many anxious about the state of the economy and personal finances.

No one has the predictive power to know exactly where the market is headed, but in terms of real estate, we offer some professional observations.

“Global volatility may be the new norm. There’s still a lot of recovery to be done from the last recession, and sprinkled with slow growth or actual economic shrinkage (Asia) it may be a while before we see a strong global economy. There are great signs domestically, however global issues will continue to induce volatility and keep rates low. We’re in an interesting time with a strong domestic economy, however no inflation and low rates.”

-Michael Shotnik, Branch Manager, Colorado Mortgage

“This is why we work with investors to create positive returns on their real estate investments. With the volatility of the stock market we have more and more clients looking to move investment funds toward real estate and away from the stock market. With proper management of properties we feel there is less risk involved.”

-Robert Gruber, ParkSide Realty & Management

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